Upcoming event: AGRIPORT Workshop “PORT SEDIMENTS ARE A RESOURCE”. read more ....

Upcoming event: AGRIPORT Workshop “PORT SEDIMENTS ARE A RESOURCE”. read more ....



Project aimed at reclaiming slightly contaminated sites through phytoremediation as an innovative technology to recover dredging sediments using plants.

Pic1b_LI_aerial_storage_basin half filled


On the left: Aerial view of the sediment accumulation basin at the port of Livorno, Italy (during the process of sediments filling); on the right: filled accumulation basin


The AGRIPORT project promotes an innovative approach to decontaminate dredging sedimentsbased on phyto-treatment (i.e. the use of plants) combined with organisms such as earth worms. The synergic action of plants and organisms transforms degraded sediments into fertile and nutrient rich soil, removing salt and polluting substances. This process decontaminates polluted sediments dredged from ports or navigable channels into arable land, or soil appropriate for other uses such as landscaping, environmental restoration, gardening, capping of landfills, etc.


On the left: key elements of the AGRIPORT sediment treatment method; on the right: cross-section view of the proposed phyto-treatment facilities

Through its three years duration AGRIPORT will focus on optimising the decontamination method in two pilot applications in the port of Livorno (Italy) and the agricultural cooperative (kibbutz) Revadim (Israel). A plant nursery will be installed in Pisa (Italy) where the quality of recycled soil will be validated and the most appropriate crops for the treated sediment will be identified in to optimise the soil decontamination process. In addition, AGRIPORT will foster the commercialisation of the technology and its end product to port authorities, plant nurseries and agronomic businesses in Europe and across the Mediterranean region.

The project is a joint effort of various stakeholders of the sediment management process. It brings together partners from environmental engineering consultancies (SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria, D’Appolonia and DFS Montenegro), research and academic institutions (University of Pisa, Italian National Research Council and Israeli Agricultural Research Organisation - Volcani Center), a port authority (Livorno).

AGRIPORT has received the support from the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation(EACI) and the Italian Ministry of Environment and Territory (IMELS).

Brief information about the project has also been contained in the project information sheet. 


Project aimed at reclaiming slightly contaminated sites through phytoremediation as an innovative technology to recover dredging sediments using plants.

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